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Профиль - jrtmalamala : Eugene Pretorius

Имя: Eugene Pretorius Дабавлено собак: 371
Текущий счет: 37.10 у.е.
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Website: http://www.malamalakennels.com/
Телефон: 0825724651
О себе: Welcome to MalaMala Jack Russels The name says it all ... we are Jack Fanatics! If you have a little busy bone digging up your garden, chasing your cat up a tree, or taking on the neighbor's Boerboel ... welcome to the family... Owning and breeding these little buggers is our joy, and we have a hell of a time doing it. Sure ... we will like to share these little heart beats at our feet with you, by passing on their legacy in a form of a little furry, cute and cuddly pup. Be warned though ... they do grow up ... little "hell's angels" they are but angels nevertheless! We are registered breeders with Canine SA, and strictly comply with the Breeders Code of Ethics. All our breeding dogs are registered with Canine SA (certified pedigree), and have a Life Long Membership with Identipet (microchip serviced), complying with International Breeder Standards. We are not a "backyard dog farm", a "puppy mill" or a pet shop, but loving owners of three beautiful dogs that are truly part of our household. We respectfully request not to be approached if cost are the only concerns you have. Keeping a thoroughbred Jack Russell COSTS MONEY ... thus if you have considered the implication in monetary terms when considering acquiring one of our puppies, and still wish to proceed, you are more than welcome to approach us on aspect OF THE DOG's phenogeny, pedigree and temperament, with the monetary aspects handled as a matter of course. All puppies available will from 6 weeks of age be registered both with Canine SA as the certified litter of the registered breeding pair, and subsequently issued with a certified litter certificate; and for a Life Long Membership with Identipet, with an identity microchip implanted. Once sold all the transfers and initial fees will be processed and paid by MalaMala Kennels from the cost price quoted, costs which are limited to (1) the once-off Transfer of Ownership, a once-off 4 generation Certified Pedigree Certificate, and a 1 year membership only with Canine SA (annual fees after the initial first year, are for the buyer's own account), all send by overnight courier directly to the buyer; and (2) a once-off Transfer of Ownership and online registration, a Life Long Membership fee fully paid-up (thus no annual fees applicable), and a once-off microchip implant with Indentipet. Browse through our site, trace their history, find their origins, feel their heartbeat and become their champion but our sincerest hope is to make you a proud owner ... for they have many friends, but one master ... Regards Eugene
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