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Last name First name City Country
Coppedge Robin USA
Facio Мария Los Angeles California USA
Hesskew Deborah USA
Stonke Ron USA
Adams Elizabeth USA
Archuleta Mary Ann USA
Armstrong Pamela Washington USA
Avram Hill Tracy USA
Baily Paula USA
Bardack Lucille USA
Barnes Deborah C USA
Bergquist Barbara USA
Beyer LaWanda Wilson USA
Biewer Terriers Rocky Mountain USA
Bruce June USA
Bullard Pat USA
C.Runsvold Sullivan Heidi USA
Canada Terrie Attalla, AL USA
Chermak Tina Burlingame, Kansas USA
Cleckley Debbie USA
Comeau Hunter Denise Texas USA
Comitini Manny USA
Cook Corky USA
Cooper Gary USA
Cuttell Barbara USA
Davis Barbara USA
de Sanson Maria Lemoine Maitland USA
E Licate Janet USA
Emanuel Comitini Christopher Vicari & USA
Emmerson Craig USA
Finley Marie USA
Forrest Judy USA
Foster Jennifer Mobil Alabama USA
Frank Paula USA
Garland Natalia Uhta USA
Girven Sharon Milton USA
Glenn Ann S. Clarkston USA
Grand Cathy Эдинбург USA
Haley Jeanne USA
Hamilton Kathy USA
Harris Victoria Phoenix USA
Hauptman Tammy USA
Henzerling Kathryn Phoenix USA
Hess Jeanne USA
Holibaugh Tonia Texas USA
Iseley J. USA
Janka Terry USA
Kasten Katherine Dallas USA

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