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Last name First name City Country
Abakanaviciene Daiva Panevezys Lithuania
Abraitiene Jioleta Lithuania
Abraitiene Jioleta KEDAINIAI Lithuania
Balciuniene Vilma Klaipeda Lithuania
Dainelyt Simona Kaunas Lithuania
Faetonas Juodasis Lithuania
Gedgaudaite Jurgita Kaunas Lithuania
Grigaliunaite Irma Lithuania
Jankauskiene Lilita Lithuania
Jasiunaite-Muravska Violeta Lithuania
Kucinskiene Audrone Panoviai Sakiu. R Lithuania
Laurinait Ieva Kaunas Lithuania
Laurinaite Ieva Lithuania
Lemesovaite Greta Lithuania
Minkevicius Ramunas Vilnius Lithuania
Norvaisiene Virginija Lithuania
Olenkovic Justina Vilniaus r. Lithuania
P Raminta Lithuania
Pakalniene Ceslova Lithuania
Pilipuitiene Ginta Lithuania
Plunge Janita Kaunas Lithuania
Poceviciene Zaneta Lithuania
Poskeviciene Gintare Kaunas Lithuania
R. Stonkiene J. Donkova Lithuania
Rimsiene Rima Utena Lithuania
Sataloviene Edita Lithuania
Stonkai Rasa & Arturas Kaunas Lithuania
Tesalija kennel Lithuania
Zajanckauskaite Sandra Kaunas Lithuania
Zemliauskiene Ieva Lithuania
Zenkeviciene Jolanta Vilnius Lithuania
Zvirgzdaite-Kisiele Gintare Klaipeda Lithuania

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