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A Attias France
A Veiga do PomariсoC/ caseta s/n (farmacia) Lugo Galicia Spain
A&A Kalinowscy Poland
A. Grasso France
A. Jacquot - Villers les Luxeuil France
A. Schirra-Beasley Germany
A. SoininenAnneLeppavirta Finland
A.Elsholz Germany
AdriaensMarcDuffel Belgium http:// *
Agnes Jacqout
Agnes Perjesi
Agnieszka Ligza Poland
Aino & Lasse TarhalaHдmeenlinna Finland
Alain Maquenhem France
AlberichElenaSant Feliu de Buixalleu Girona Spain
Alena Kotrcova Czech Republic
Alena Retychova Czech Republic
Alexander Zakal Czech Republic
AliaEliaMadrid Spain
All Italy
All. Italy
Allevamento Del Bel Pastur Italy
Almaty, KazakhstanN.Levkovich
AlнaElia Spain
AmatoMarco Italy
AnderssonHеkanNorrkцping Sweden
AnderssonHеkanNorrkцping Sweden
AnderssonHakanNorrkцping Sweden
AndreE. France
Andre Bully France
Andre Heerwegh & Reta Velhelst Germany
Andre Wesemann Germany
Andrea BauerHeriedenweg 97084 Wьrzburg Germany
Angillis-Verdoy Belgium
AnikeevaJuliaSt.Petersburg Russia
Anita & Ole Bjarne Grotnes Norway
Anita Kessas-BallanLa Haute Fontaine 72110 Nogent le Bernar France
Anja Sonsteby Norway
Anna Cabounova Czech Republic
Anna Jonsson Sweden
Anna Paola Grassi Italy
Annamaria Saggioratto Italy
AnneAnneEssey-Les-Nancy France
Anne u. Dieter SchattschneiderEcking 3 94547 Iggensbach Germany
Anne-Marie Besserve Belgium
Anneliese & Ilkka Vainio-MattilaVantaa Finland
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